Research Groups

JES promotes members’ independent research activities through research groups. Currently, there are eight research groups as follows:

Research Group on Strengthening the Analytical and Evaluation Capacity of the Legislature

Representative: Ryokichi Hirono, Seikei University

Given the traditional situation in Japan, where the power of the administration organization is strong and the power of the Diet is weak, the purpose of the Research Group is to examine ways to strengthen the functions of the Diet by enhancing its policy analysis and evaluation functions.

Research Group on Social Experiments

Representative: Tomoko Tanabe, Waseda University

The application of the evaluation method of experimental design (Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) may provide one source of decision-making for policy decisions. The Research Group aims to deepen research on evaluation by experimental design and expand its application.

Research Group on Evaluation Ethics and Standards

Representative: Nobuyuki Kobayashi, OPMAC Corporation

JES developed evaluation ethical guidelines in 2012, and since then, new ethical issues have arisen that must be considered in the practice of evaluation. The Research Group aims to develop recommendations for the revision, implementation, and dissemination of the guidelines, and share research results on evaluation ethics and standards.

Research Group on School Evaluation

Representative: Akihiko Hashimoto, Japan Women’s University

The Research Group brings together the results of evaluation practices and evaluation research conducted in various fields, to examine the development of effective and diverse evaluation in the field of educational management. Furthermore, the Research Group aims to create new knowledge on the environment and mechanism for utilizing school evaluation.

Research Group on Science and Technology Evaluation

Representative: Noriyuki Shirakawa, Niigata University

The Research Group covers policy evaluation, independent administrative agency evaluation, and research and development evaluation related to science, technology, and innovation policies. It aims to promote interdisciplinary and integrated research in a comprehensive manner, to systematize the whole picture and return it to the practices in the field, and to develop as an academic discipline through co-creation of the researches.

Research Group on Developmental Evaluation

Representative: Minako Nakatani, Evaluation Consultant

The Research Group focuses on Developmental Evaluation, which was developed to evaluate social innovation and business development processes, and deepens research on its theoretical positioning, practical issues, and the position and ethics of evaluators, etc.

Research Group on Social Impact Evaluation

Representative: Katsuji Imata, CSO Network Japan

The Research Group attempts to organize the concept of social impact evaluation from the perspective of evaluation research. The Research Group critically examines cases that have been practiced as social impact evaluations in various places, and conduct further research on their positioning, significance, and usefulness.

Research Group on How to Make Value Judgements

Representative: Ryo Sasaki, International Development Center of Japan

In evaluation research in Japan, analytical methods for fact finding have been elaborated in the trend toward greater emphasis on evidence, but conceptualization of value judgements has not progressed. For this reason, the Research Group aims to conduct research on the state of value judgement and further evolve them.