Japanese Journal of Evaluation Studies

JES publishes “JJES” to share the results of the research and practical activities related to evaluation with a wide fange of individuals and institutions interested in evaluation, including domestic and international academic societies.

Journal Name: Japanese Journal of Evaluation Studies
Frequency of Issue: Twice a year (March and September)
Editing and Publishing: Japan Evaluation Society (JES)
Print Size: B5

Past Feature Themes

  • Vol.24, No.1: Diversity and polysemy of “evidence” in evaluation research and practices
  • Vol.23, No.2: Toward a paradigm shift in policy evaluation of national ministries in Japan
  • Vol.22, No.2: Formative evaluation of innovation (published in September 2022)
  • Vol.22, No.1: Evaluation in the post-COVID-19 era – A meta-evaluation prompted by COVID-19 pandemic (published in March 2022)
  • Vol.21, No.2: SDGs and evaluation challenges (published in September 2021)
  • Vol.21, No.1: Evaluation of science and technology policy (published in March 2021)
  • Vol.20, No.2: Current status and challenges of Evidence-based Policy Making (EBPM) (published in July 2020)
  • Vol.19, No.2: Considering the use and impact of evaluations (published in March 2019)
  • Vol.18, No.2: School evaluation studies from international perspectives (published in June 2018)

Editorial Board Members

Editor-in-ChiefAki YoneharaToyo University
Deputy Editor-in-ChiefYuichi MurakamiHokkaido University
MembersIwao Oshima
Yoshio Kubota
Ryo Sasaki
Kenta Shindo
Keiko Nishino
Akihiko Hashimoto
Hiromitsu Muta
Kiyoshi Yamaya
Tohoku Fukushi University
Kyoto Prefectural University
International Development Center of Japan
Japan College of Social Work
Kwansei Gakuin University
Japan Women’s University
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Doshisha University

* The above is in Japanese alphabetical order by surname.