JES has 6 committees and secretariat. The committees’ major activities are shown in the section about “Activities”.

Publication Committee

The committee publishes “Japanese Journal of Evaluation Studies” to publicize the results of the research and practical activities related to evaluation to a wide range of individuals and institutions interested in evaluation, including domestic and international academic societies.

Details about “Japanese Journal of Evaluation Studies” are shown in the sub-section under “Activities”.

Communication Committee

The committee publicize the various activities of the society, including the JES committee activities, and disseminate information on evaluation findings and knowledge obtained through evaluation research (publication of books, etc.).

Planning Committee

The committee is in charge of planning and implementing various activities conducted by the society, and aims to contribute to the development of evaluation science and culture in Japan.

International Exchange Committee

The committee promotes communication with foreign countries regarding evaluation to enhance the presence of Japan’s evaluation activities in the international community and to contribute to the evaluation capacity developing in developing countries.

Award Review and Ethics Committee

The committee is responsible for the commendation of members for their research and practice activities and for the maintenance of discipline in research ethics. Through these activities, the committee aims to contribute to the dissemination and development of evaluation science and culture.

Training Committee

The committee is responsible for the dissemination of evaluation and the development of human resources related to evaluation.


The secretariat is in charge of the overall administrative affairs of the society.