Training of Evaluators

In recent years, accountability for policies and projects in various fields, including public works, school evaluation, welfare, official development assistance (ODA), social sector, investment, etc., has been demanded, and at the same time, the need to improve projects through reflecting evaluation output has increased.

In order to meet the needs of the society, evaluation systems are being introduced and project evaluations are being conducted. However, the current situation is that human resources with expertise in evaluation have not yet been sufficiently developed.

To improve this situation, JES provides the training program in evaluation and certifies personnel who have acquired evaluation-related knowledge and skills, aiming to contribute to the improvement in evaluation in various fields.

Training Course of JES-Certified Evaluators

Focusing on the acquisition of basic concepts, frameworks, and skills of program evaluation, the training course trains personnel who can work on program evaluation with the cooperation of outside experts and other professionals. The course consists of four units and takes as total six days. The course is currently held twice a year.

Training Course of JES-Certified Professional Evaluators

The training course content is currently being discussed by the Training Committee.

Certification System of JES-Certified Advanced Evaluators

JES certifies experts who can contribute to the development of evaluation activities by conducting systematic research on evaluation as senior evaluators, after examining the performance and other factors of applicants who are JES members and have at least five years of evaluation-related work experience.