The Japan Evaluation Society (JES)

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Toward promotion and dissemination of evaluation activities contributing international and Japanese communities

JES was founded in September 2000 as a voluntary association of scholars, government officials, and practitioners for the purpose of fostering evaluation culture in the Japanese society to improve transparency and accountability of the public sector, as well as to improve the resource management in the private sector. JES was reorganized to become a specified nonprofit organization (NPO) in March 2004, and obtained a corporate status. JES has 338 regular members, 102student members, 8 corporate members, and 20 associate members as of June 2, 2007.

The main activities of JES are: 1) to open semi-annual conferences to promote the membersí research activities and knowledge sharing; 2) to facilitate international symposiums and workshops to exchange lessons and views with experts of evaluation; 3) to publish The Japanese Journal of Evaluation Studies semi-annually; 4) to provide evaluation training programs for the government officials, practitioners and students; 5) to facilitate the enetworking system among the members to share information of new publications, seminars, job opportunities, and so on.

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